Coronavirus in New Zealand: With three cases on lockdown in Auckland, Luna Rossa has also stopped

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New Zealand has a coronavirus containment model very similar to Australia’s: very few cases are enough to go into a local lockdown of a few days. It happens in Auckland, where the city will be limited for 3 days to contain a possible outbreak: even America’s Cup races have to stop

Three cases, three days of lockdown. Sounds like Dantesque revenge but it is New Zealand, Auckland To be precise, as starting tomorrow everything will stop for 72 hours to trace every possible contact and nip a potential novel coronavirus outbreak in the bud. No exception, even the America’s Cup should stop. Luna Rossa will have to wait to get back to sail the sea.

What happened? Yesterday in Auckland, the most populous city in New Zealand, 3 locally transmitted cases of coronavirus were recorded. Country It has a containment policy very similar to that of AustraliaWhat we told you: It’s enough Very few casualties because the area immediately ends with a short lockdown.

The logic is simple: block everything for a few days Health authorities are allowed to screen all potential contacts of the infected, so as to immediately reduce the possibility of an outbreak. Positive people are being isolated in Covid hotels and Once the situation is under control, we start over With life close to normal.

A policy, as in Australia, has paid off: since the beginning of the epidemic New Zealand recorded 2,330 cases and only 25 deaths. The last victim dates back to September 25, 2020. In short, a great success also facilitated by the geographical situation of the islands, which has allowed complete isolation since the beginning of the epidemic.

like him Auckland is forced to close for a short timewhich will last until midnight on Wednesday. Workers are asked to stay in smart work where possible, and all public activities will remain closed a Exception from schools for children of essential workersBuildings that do not guarantee social distancing will be closed. In the rest of the country, during these three days, it will be necessary to wear masks on board public transport and gatherings of more than 100 people will be prohibited.

This precautionary approach has worked well so farPrime Minister Jacinda Hardern recalled: “We are aware of the great risks, also for the economy, if we make the wrong decision now.” In the midst of the lockdown, there is also the world’s most famous regatta, the America’s Cup, in which the Italian Luna Rossa has had excellent results so far. To return to see our standard-bearer crossing the sea, we will have to wait a few more days.

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