Coronavirus, Covid 19: Travelers will not be allowed to enter Australia without a certificate of vaccination, as the minister notes


Ground crew in personal protective equipment welcome passengers leaving their plane at Sydney Airport on October 10, 2020. Photo / Introduction

Australia’s Federal Government Services Minister said today that “highly probable” vaccination certificates will be required for international travel.

“There is still a host of decisions for governments to make, and it is very likely that certification will be required for international visitors to Australia and we will continue to work with our international counterparts on our vaccination certification framework,” said Stuart Robert.

“Australians can guarantee that the degree they get will be strong, and it will be associated with them, so they will know it is their degree, and it will be widely accepted.”

But he did not confirm whether it would lead to a faster opening of international borders, saying he would leave “any comment” to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Robert added: “But any condition to open the borders will require vaccination and will require the widespread use of testimony, and this is what we are talking about today.”

“Australians can have great confidence that the digital certificate or paper certificate they possess will be robust.”

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