Coronavirus, Covid 19: Sydney’s Northern Beaches set to explode to 17 cases


A gathering in Sydney’s northern beaches exploded to 17 cases. Photos / Getty Images

A gathering on Sydney’s northern beaches exploded into 17 cases, as residents urged north of the Spit Bridge to Palm Beach to stay home.

New South Wales Health advises residents to work from home and stay at home as much as possible, to avoid visiting friends or relatives in the area and to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

This includes avoiding clubs, restaurants, places of worship and gyms.

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant this afternoon urged anyone who had been in the Avalon Returned and Services League (RSL) to apply for the test, with authorities believing they were at the epicenter of the outbreak.

“Our operational hypothesis is that someone in this RSL club was most likely the source of infection for a number of subsequent cases,” Chant told reporters.

All but one of the community-transmitted cases in Sydney in Sydney are on Northern Shores, where contact tracing tools are now overly working, trying to control a few mysterious cases before Christmas.

Sydney was placed on high alert yesterday after a 45-year-old man transporting an international crew from the airport tested positive for coronavirus.

A few hours later, a couple, in their 60s and 70s, from Sydney’s northern beaches, tested positive for coronavirus.

The infection is the first case of transmission in NSW since December 3.

WA announces a “new demand” for travelers from NSW

Prime Minister Mark McGowan announced that there will be new requirements for anyone traveling to Western Australia (or anyone who has arrived there since December 11) from New South Wales.

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“ Effective immediately, anyone who has arrived from New South Wales since December 11 or has been in New South Wales from December 11 and has subsequently arrived in Washington needs to: Quarantine in a suitable location as soon as possible. [and] Get tested for Covid-19 within the next 24 hours.

“They will then need to go back into self-quarantine until the negative test is confirmed.

“ Anyone arriving from Sydney Airport or anywhere else who was in NSW on 12/11 or later, from this point onwards, should have a Covid-19 test, either on arrival or at another Covid clinic within 24 hours, A self-quarantine negative test result was confirmed.

“Anyone who has arrived from NSW since December 11 will be contacted by Washington Police with these instructions, as a result of the G2G Pass advertisement system.”

Alerts have been issued for 3 new locations

NSW Health released a statement on alerts for three new places this afternoon, after reporting another new locally acquired case of Covid-19 in the North Shores area.

People who have visited the following places are advised to be tested promptly and isolated until they receive a negative result and to be contacted by NSW Health:

• Avalon RSL Club on December 11th, all day until closing
• Penrith RSL Club, on December 13 between 1 pm and 6 pm
Kirribilli Club on December 14th between 12 noon and 3 pm

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