Corona: Virologist Strick takes politics into account – “This is what they were elected for”

Corona: Virologist Strick takes politics into account – “This is what they were elected for”

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How good is AstraZeneca Corona vaccine? Should schools and day care centers reopen? Virologist Hendrik Strik answers these questions and criticizes the federal government in Germany.

Bremen / Fulda – Coronavirus scientist Hendrik Strik has it on the talk show “3nach9” (Feb 19, Bremen Radio / NDR) AstraZenecaSerum Strongly praised. The federal government received from the director of the university’s Institute of Virus and HIV Research Bonn At the same time Both praise and some criticism. Strike also said on the topic of mitigating the coronavirus that he considered the ban to be no longer sustainable.

Corona: Virologist Hendrik Streich praises the AstraZeneca vaccine and criticizes politics

On the talk show “3nach9” Hendrick Strick Among other things criticism In the CoronaPolitician In Germany. “Sometimes it seems to me that politics wants to hide a little behind the flag,” said the Lower Saxony native. “We virologists are good at assessing the occurrence of infection or the risk of a mutation, but ultimately the politicians are responsible for making the decision. This is what they were chosen for.” Streeck also makes Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) accountable*, As reported by

Noun a. Doctor. With. Hendrick Strick
date of Birth August 7, 1977 (in Göttingen)
medical certificate Humboldt University (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin), Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
specialized Microbiology, virology, and epidemiology of infection
Recruit University Hospital Bonn
Research priorities HIV, Covid-19

This also applies, for example, to the issue of closing or opening schools and day care centers. It should be there Politician Next to Viruses It also takes into account the expertise of child psychologists and educators. The viral part in answering this question is rather small. From a viral point of view, however, there is also no “black and white answer”. Children can become infected and this Corona Virus Go to the parents. It cannot be said that there is neither danger nor transmission. “

Video: Coronavirus scientist Strick dares to predict normality

It cannot be said that children are drivers Corona Viruspandemic. “Such statements cannot be made in a viral or epidemiological manner,” Strick said on the TV show. With respect to CoronaImpfquote In Germany Hendrick Strick The federal government, at the request of moderator Judith Ruckers, never gave a bad report.

Coronavirus scientist Hendrik Strick praised the Astrazeneca vaccine on talk show “3nach9”.

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The doctor explained, “I have to make a typical Harvard sandwich out there – good, bad, bad, good.” Biontech / PfizerSerum It was developed with the help of German tax money. As recently as summer 2020, from vaccine development experience, he was skeptical that there would be CoronaGive the vaccine he said Strick.

Dependent SARS-CoV-2-Experte See – even though it’s quite jerky currently – there’s also no reason to buy a CoronaVaccines It is generally criticized in Germany: “We bought a lot of vaccines. If none of the vaccines had worked, the same people criticizing buying the vaccine now would have criticized that so much money has been thrown out the window for inactive vaccines.”

Coronavirus Scientist Hendrik Strik: Is Politics In Hide?

Hendrick Strick Moreover: “I don’t know how I would have decided as the federal health minister. Would I have taken the risk, many Vaccines Good luck for the purchase. “Given the approach the federal government has taken,“ we now have three vaccines that are working well. ” Corona vaccination to end the epidemic? In an interview with Frankfurter Rundschau, Hendrick Strick givesRated *

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the aboveVirology Outside Bonn Advertise the quality AstraZenecaSerum“This is not a class II vaccine,” said the 43-year-old researcher. It is a good vaccine with good efficacy. Astrazeneca may be better than before Coronainfection Protect. Vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna have so far shown to protect against severe pathway. ” *the father And the She offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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