Corona tape: Government worried about increasing mutations

Corona tape: Government worried about increasing mutations

3:01 pm: The government is concerned about the increase of Corona – “The good development is over”

Due to the spread of the most contagious coronavirus in Germany, the federal government dashed hopes for a further rapid lockdown opening. Government spokesman Stephen Seibert said in Berlin that the percentage of the alternative that first appeared in Great Britain ranges from 20 to 25 percent. “You have to assume that this percentage will continue to increase,” Seibert said. This has to be taken into account through subtle opening steps: “Of course, it became more complex as the mutations advanced.”

Seibert emphasized: “The good development that has brought us to the number of infections that decrease daily over a long period of time has ended at the present time. The numbers are increasing again. And the proportion is more dangerous, because mutations of the virus that are more significantly contagious are increasing.” Seibert urged patience. . Nobody wants to take back the vents: “What we open, we want to hold out.” But it is now important to first look very carefully to what extent School opening Bringing about changes in the infection process.

On March 3, the federal and state governments want to discuss the situation again. As of March 7, stores should be able to reopen as there are no more than 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and seven days for three days. On Monday, the infection rate for seven days increased from 60.2 to 61.0.

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