Corona policy – long ago throwing the first stones – right? A view of New Zealand – Rheinberg

Coronavirus fatigue and dissatisfaction with Corona policy increased everywhere in the population. Confidence in politics is waning. An End to the Pandemic – Is there a Loom? You can hardly trust the predictions of politicians if you pay attention to them at all. The resigned mood seems to be stabilizing the country. One no longer wants to endure change from closure and dilution. As if you were in a never-ending story. What speaks out against the infinity of history are the vaccines that have been found. The resentment would certainly be greater if it were not developed this quickly.

And that is in the election year. Well, one might say, now the electorate will make a paradigm shift. But for which one? What are the parties that can promise that? Landslides cannot be expected, either in the federal or state elections.

However, in the future, at least when the pandemic ends, and when the balance sheet can be drawn, history will pose the question to politicians and other responsible parties: How effective, rational and understanding your Coronavirus policy is? Can you avoid mistakes with insight?

At the moment, countries like the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Finland and New Zealand seem to have the best cards, and Brazil and others are the worst. Sweden with Sonderweg has to be out of the race for the best cards. However, New Zealand appears to be in the lead, a democratic country that has not given the option of herd immunity since the start of the pandemic, like Sweden, for example. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern committed to eliminating the virus from the start, with support from Ashley Bloomfield, the health director there. Tight closures at the start of the epidemic and strict border closures, perhaps until 2021, are easier to implement than with us due to the location of the island of New Zealand. Only Kiwis, New Zealanders themselves, were allowed to enter, but they were subjected to a strict quarantine. The number of casualties never increased. Meanwhile, Jacinda Ardern has been very present in the media, explained and encouraged – and created, if one can trust the reports, immense solidarity for the already very solidarity community. Ardern has always been taking people along their paths in Corona policy, which was fast and difficult. Once the virus appears anywhere, drastic measures have been taken, not least with the city locks, so that New Zealand never loses control. The chains of infection can be followed at any time. The number of deaths related to Corona has remained marginal, according to the statements, as it is still less than 30. To extrapolate the population, which is five million in New Zealand, this corresponds to a death rate of less than 480 in Germany. Ardern managed to declare New Zealand free of Corona. A major return to normality would have been possible and the economy suffered relatively little damage. In the elections held at the end of 2020, New Zealanders supported Ardern’s policies with an absolute majority of the New Zealand Labor Party.

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Perhaps New Zealand was lucky that other countries on Earth did not. Meanwhile, vaccines have also started in New Zealand, which can lead to targeted herd immunity without having to complain of the many deaths of Corona as a side effect. The peak of the Coronavirus in New Zealand may still be coming. Can you know? In any case, the Coronavirus policy in Ardern rushed from success to success, which boosted residents’ confidence in government policy, while successes and failures in Germany seem to go hand in hand. However, the bias may be misplaced, especially now that we need more unity than ever before.

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