Corona / Bavaria: Nuremberg talks about her fear of death and “severe pain” after a second injury

Corona / Bavaria: Nuremberg talks about her fear of death and “severe pain” after a second injury

After infection with the coronavirus, most patients become immune to re-infection for a period of time. There was an exceptional case recently in Nuremberg.

  • After being hit by B. Corona Virus* Most people are only vaccinated at once.
  • However, there was a second infection recently in Nuremberg.
  • The error can be a false negative Exam*, Be reactivation or re-infection.

Nuremberg – A second infection with the Coronavirus in a short period is extremely rare – but they happen again and again. Example from Nuremberg * It shows again that immunity is not always given after surviving Covid-19 disease. “I am happy that I am still alive,” says Wojtek Valent, 62, from Nuremberg.

Nuremberg: COVID-19 lasts for about a month

Like the news portal It reported that Valent had already received a positive test result for the first time on November 7, 2020 – following related symptoms such as headache, body aches, fever and cough. The Nuremberg resident did not feel well again until the end of November – all symptoms, including loss of sense of smell and taste, disappeared again after about three weeks. “After that, I felt healthy again,” the 62-year-old told the news portal.

But the joy was short-lived – despite another negative test result on December 5th. About a week after the second stain, “they came Syndrome * From now to the back. ”Another test shocked the Nuremberg man: On December 15, Valent was tested again, and three days later he got a positive result. As the news site reported, the symptoms of Nuremberg Hill were worse than the first infection.

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Coronavirus in Nuremberg: second infection with strong symptoms – a patient with fear of death

The headache was unbearable, dry cough and shortness of breath made the patient afraid of death. The 62-year-old called the emergency doctor twice. “I actually received very strong painkillers that, according to my doctor, were actually intended for oncology patients.” He said During the painful operation, he even prepared his family for emergencies and collected important documents.

Symptoms only subsided at the end of December, and a negative test on December 30 was followed by rest. “I feel so much better again,” said the man from Nuremberg. However, he is still struggling with the repercussions of that. “Sense of smell and taste * I came back, but I still had a headache and shortness of breath. I feel years older. “

According to the results of a study conducted by the University of Oxford, the likelihood of recurrence within the first six months after the initial infection is very low. In November of last year, only five seconds of infection with the Coronavirus were known around the world – one case Become known in the United States *.

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Nuremberg: A negative corona virus test, possibly a statistical error

In December 2020, virologist Christian Drosten explained the phenomenon of a negative test between two positive tests, saying that the body had either not immunized itself or the virus had returned. Meanwhile, the negative results can be explained by fluctuations in detectability: “Sometimes it’s detectable, sometimes for a few days in a row, then it’s undetectable for a few days in a row. It always jumps above and below the limit of detection,” Drosten says.

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In another case, an elderly patient with a weakened immune system became infected again. Genetic analysis of the affected patient revealed that he was A. Another Coronavirus Type * behavior. Preliminary report from According to the reactivation, it is responsible for the renewal of infection with the same strain of the virus. This would be possible if insufficient immunity to the coronavirus is established or if the patient’s immune system is very weak. Concentrations of previously undetermined viruses can increase again and thus become measurable again, ”writes News Portal. In the rare case of a second infection with an altered viral strain that is not prevented by the immune system, one talks about re-infection.

The Nuremberg-resident case can no longer be precisely paraphrased. Doctor. Thomas Schroiser, chief physician at the Institute of Clinical Health and internist and intensive care physician, raises his voice out loud That Vojtech Valent has not yet fully recovered: “If you have been sick for four weeks, during this period of time, you can hardly feel stressed by illness and then exercise again, relapses seem possible to me.” Corona zwaitinfection More severe than the first time, it can also be explained by a previous burden from the first injury. These and others You can read explanations here *. (a nap) *, and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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