Cork, grandmother or Spain?  And New Zealand… – OA Sport

Cork, grandmother or Spain? And New Zealand… – OA Sport

Where will the next America’s Cup be held? The most popular question of the past six months among sailing enthusiasts will get the long-awaited answer in a few hours: Tomorrow (Friday 17th September) Team New Zealand will officially announce the dates and venue of the 37th edition One of the oldest sports competition in the world. The Old Pitcher holders, who managed to defend the trophy by defeating Luna Rossa in a stunning match race held last March in Oakland Bay, have the right to set the stage for the competition and the past few months have been really hectic.

New Zealand does not announce the location of the next America’s Cup! ‘We’re taking more time, Oakland in the race’

The partnership led by CEO Grant Dalton has Rejected the New Zealand government’s offer To keep the event in the Hauraki Bay, considering that the nearly 60 million euros set by the executive led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is insufficient. At that point, Kiwi relied on a London-based sports consulting firm for Find the right location abroad, which obviously had to pay a hefty fee to be able to host the prestigious sailing event. 35 applications received And after careful skimming, the long-awaited shortlist was reached.

Three sites remained in the run, for a highly restricted ballot: Cork (Ireland), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Valencia and Barcelona (Spain). However, in the past few hours, they’ve all been faltering a bit: Cork was sure of his intent and was in full swing, the local press had already taken success for granted, but the government was starting to get suspicious given the large sums of payment (yes talk also reached over 200 million euros); Valencia had officially submitted its candidacy, having already hosted the America’s Cup in 2007 and 2010, but the economic coverage is not reassuring and the central government will look for a solution (that’s why we are also talking about another city, Barcelona is the most inviting); Jeddah has no financial problems, but Saudi Arabia is not particularly welcome due to ethical issues and a lack of human rights (the status of women has been at the center of international debate for years).

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We will know in a few hours, but a sudden blow to the tail cannot be ruled out. It seems that the America’s Cup should move and that its owners should defend the 100 Guineas Cup abroad but In New Zealand, they are working hard to attempt a seemingly impossible process: preserving the event in national waters. Some millionaires will talk about it, but it all sounds so smoky because he’s been on that front for six months (at one point Mark Dunphy, president of Greymouth Petroleum, offered his kiwi money to race home, provided she got Grant Dalton’s resignation ). At this point we just have to wait, the wait is almost over.

The British from Ineos Uk are the registered challengers and work alongside Team New Zealand to write the competition protocol. Luna Rossa has already announced her presence, and we’ll also see an American crew in action. To understand whether there will be other news in the water. At this point, the most likely date for an event dispute appears to be 2024, but progress to 2023 cannot be ruled out.

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