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Corey Bayway, the famous 15th Borg player, closes his grief this Sunday against the Metz

The hypothesis of Corey Bayway’s departure from Burgess XV in recent days is regularly mentioned. Of course, the old warrior still commanded respect in the field, but the urgency was not the same. He explains it frankly. “I’m sick of rugby,” he says curtly. I will prepare to go back to New Zealand, but not immediately because of Covid. At first, I came to Bourges to play for a season. This is my eleventh year here. I have many good memories. I have a lot of friends…More than that, the Borg XV has become my family. But there is a time for everything. “

He is known by his partners and opponents.

Gilles Le Raleigh, one of the founding fathers of Bourges XV, remembers perfectly the circumstances in which the third grader arrived on the team, in 2010, at Federal 3. he says. Gavin Walsh (former BXV coach, editor’s note), through his connections, found Corey Bayway who had arrived from New Zealand, accompanied by Reese Summers. He became a creative player who gave us a lot in terms of the game, as well as in team cohesion. He is known by his partners as well as his opponents who respect him very much. He is an important player on and off the field. “

Gilles Le Raleigh, Cory Bayway, Rhys Summerle, Vincenzo Ferraro in 2010.

Many, among those who have played with him or who have worked with him, believe that he has the level and qualities necessary to develop at a much higher level, even at a professional level. Some clubs, in the early years, tried to steal it in vain. This father of three, who owns his own home improvement company, has made other choices in his life. He was satisfied with the Borg and never called them again. Corey Bayway was at the end of his process for obtaining French citizenship.

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The departure of New Zealander Cory Bayway, who remained in the 15th Borg after climbing, has been postponed

“I played with him a lot,” recalls his former teammate Jonathan Desbois, now an Arkai player. He is a man who is always there when you need it, warrior, friend. Together they experienced the joys of climbing the first at Federal 2, in 2017. It was six hours of flight The bus ride back from Belborough is unforgettable. “We’ve been struggling with this for years,” Jonathan Desbois adds. “We were all happy. I’ll never forget that moment.”

Corey Bayway vs. Belborough.

Anthony Marches, the current BXV reserve captain, has rubbed shoulders with Corey Bayway since joining the club. “I grew up and learned with him,” he says. He is an exceptional person as a rugby player and humanitarian. There is a lot of emotion and emotion to see him leave the game, but we will soon find him on the edge of the field. “

example of longevity

Isoldonois knew former French-New Zealander Arnaud Roche as an opponent, before becoming his coach at Bourges. “It’s a big chapter that’s going to turn into BXV,” he said. For ten years, Curry has been reading Federalist Fields 2 and 3. It is rare for a player to feature a club for that long. When we talk about Borg, we’re referring to this guy. It is an installation. It’s a shame that there is no “blocked” jersey, as in basketball, because I think it deserves it more than the others. Hats off to the artist! “

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Isodun facing the 2019-20 season.

Ironically, Team France will face the All Blacks on Saturday night, on the eve of Corey Byway’s Jubilee. Then, on Sunday, the club, its partners and the public will celebrate their hero for the last time, against Metz (at 3pm), in the garden of the Stade Diepeg.

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