Copa America Max Serena: "I'm still pissed off"

Copa America Max Serena: “I’m still pissed off”

The Sailor of the Year awards and prizes were presented Monday evening in Rome, The Italian sailing Oscar designed by Alberto Acari and organized in collaboration with Federvela. Also on the stage of Villa Miami is Rimini Max Serena, captain of Luna Rossa New from the 36th edition of the Copa America (it lost to New Zealand 7-3 on March 17th), and it is the oldest competition in the world that they are still competing in today. Serena is especially recognized for her accomplishments: winning the Prada Cup and reaching the Copa America Final. Instead, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team was given special recognition at the “Sailor of the Year” awards ceremony given to Rimini’s captain and team manager by Coni Giovanni Malagó President and Francesco Ettore, President of the Italian Federation of Sailing, Vito Cozzoli, President and CEO For Sport Salute SpA, he presented the award to Max Sirena. For the record, in 2013, Rimini’s sailor won the most coveted award, the title “Sailor of the Year”. In Rome, Serena was praised by the Olympic team that will represent Italy in Tokyo, Consisting of nine athletes who will compete in the six categories including Rogiero Tita – valid, directly in the Luna Rossa team that competed with New Zealand – and Katrina Panti, Marta Magetti Winsdorf, Mattia Camponi, Silvia Zinaro, Giacomo Ferrari, Julio Calabro, Elena Berta and Bianca Caruso.

Max Sirena Prize in Rome from Federvela

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I’m still angry

Before the awards ceremony, captain Luna Rossa spoke to the press. The back story is inevitable until March 17th. “America’s Cup? It’s such a complicated game that if you weren’t loaded with a thousand, you wouldn’t throw yourself into it. You work 16 hours a day to win the boat race. ” Disappointed by the defeat? “It is true that we did not win and you are still angry. But it is also true that it was the first true American tournament in which she participated in this role. With the team we started with a white paper to write and with a very small team. I am not the rock star of the teamI am simply part of it. ”

Issued in Italy

Cross and joy, because despite the defeat, the gratification still burns, the half-full glass of glimpses of the master is not a mirage dictated by rhetoric. “One of the goals was achieved: to export Made in Italy to New Zealand. We succeeded in exporting the Italian spirit to a typical Anglo-Saxon game. We have shown in that area that we can play with it. Cup is a very psychological game, and there is a lot of media jitters as wellAs for the competitive experience, Sirena does not rule out: “I am very strict with myself, I do a lot of self-criticism. I was not born with a pedigree, I had completed all of my internships, I started to ejaculate, and at the age of 50 I found myself at nearly the helm of a team. I thank Bertelli for his belief in me. Now we have to improve in mathematical and technical terms, taking into account that the decisions we make today will bear fruit in a long time, even within two years. ”

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