Copa America 2021: All you need to know since Day Two of the Prada Cup

Ineos UK continued their dizzying transformation, while American Magic fought back and remained without a win. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened on the second day of the Prada Cup.

Ineos is unbeaten with the struggle of American Magic

Ineos UK remained unbeaten in the Prada Cup, beating American Magic in its only race on the second day.

But to the Americans, led by Kiwi Dean Parker, it was The second day of terror on the water They suffered a third defeat, dropping from the pre-boat races favorites to now being considered the weakest competitor on screen.

Questions were raised on a strange day

Questions Above appropriate wind limits This boat race will continue after an odd second day.

Under the light conditions, races became a “lottery”, according to Parker.

“You could call this a lottery, yes … very marginal,” Parker said after his first loss to Luna Rossa. “You wonder why you want to do this as part of the action. [It’s] Swings and rotors and obviously didn’t go well for us. It’s just connecting dots. Everyone is struggling [with these conditions]. “

It was a tough day for American Magic.  Photo / Brett Phipps
It was a tough day for American Magic. Photo / Brett Phipps

Parker’s frustrations were compounded on a difficult day for American Magic, who remained unbeaten in the Prada Cup as his rivals handled conditions better. Team leader Terry Hutchinson said the team was like that “Everything is a little grumpy” After a hard day.

How it unfolded today

Do you miss any of the race? Catch up with him All work as it happened Thanks to American University of Technology Sailing Professor Mark Orams, who will provide live updates and commentary on every regatta.

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Eneos the Great Transformation

Ineos team in UK Astonishing transformation It was so violent that it led to some questions about whether they would have been hiding their hands during the World Regatta Championships in December.

Ineos UK were left unbeaten.  Photo / Brett Phipps
Ineos UK were left unbeaten. Photo / Brett Phipps

However, Captain Sir Ben Ainsley He laughed at the suggestions, Herald columnist Bianca Cook wrote about the reason for the publication Big improvements are legitimate.

Beyond the cup

Cheree Kinnear, Phil Robertson and Mark Orams discuss everything that happened on Day 2 of the Prada Cup at NZME’s Beyond The Cup – which you can watch in full in the video player above.

What do you expect tomorrow

The The winds will return to the third day of the race tomorrow At the Prada Cup, but onlookers expect bad weather along the Auckland waterfront.

“It should be good sailing tomorrow,” said Aidan Besselmann, a forecaster at MetService.

The winds in the morning will be light, he said, but the northwesterly winds will develop later in the morning and reach 15 knots by lunchtime and will be good for racing in the afternoon.

Tomorrow’s northwest winds of 10 to 25 knots will be similar in strength to the southwest winds yesterday, which saw the UK team exit blocks and claim consecutive wins against American Magic and Luna Rossa.

Are you heading to a cup race?

• Give yourself plenty of time and consider taking a ferry, train or bus to see the cup.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. It is the best way to ride.

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• Don’t forget to scan the QR codes with the NZ COVID Tracer app while commuting on public transport and entering America’s Cup Village.

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