Cop26: Boris Johnson boards a private jet to dine with a notorious climate skeptic

Cop26: Boris Johnson boards a private jet to dine with a notorious climate skeptic

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It was evident that Boris Johnson was in such a hurry to leave that Cop26 is currently taking place in Glasgow that he took a private jet to London and dined with a notorious climate skeptic after his final speech on Thursday, November 3 (file photo by June 2016).

United Kingdom – “Let us finally take climate change seriously and protect our planet for future generations.” here is what Tweet Boris Johnson Wednesday, November 3 at departure time policeman 26 Organized by the United Kingdom in Glasgow. Also a few hours before boarding a private jet to go to dinner – among the guys – with a notorious climate skeptic.

Here’s the story revealed on Thursday 4 Our British colleagues from daily mirror, the British Prime Minister who, immediately after the end of his last press conference in Scotland, held to return to London, even if it meant taking a private plane (while the train journey took about 4 hours 30 minutes according to the Mirror, because he could have left a little earlier than 7 pm and arrived around 11:30 pm).

And that’s to go to the “Garrick Club”, a men-only circuit, where a dinner was held with critics of the Daily Telegraph, the newspaper in which Boris Johnson wrote before entering politics. Among them were Charles Moore, a lord with very conservative attitudes, the highly lauded biographer of Margaret Thatcher, a very climate skeptic, and the author of several travels accused of racism. And by the way, the former president and great friend of “Pogo”.

A new controversy is on the way

One man said for example in 2018: “I think a lot of people are obsessed with climate change because they’re putting their fears on it. They’re trying to force us to take action because they’re convinced that everything will fall apart, but the human race is very adaptable.” To add this week in a forum, Cop26 was used to demand emergency measures, “while the emergency has not been proven”.

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A position justified in Boris Johnson’s camp by the “urgent need” to be able to move quickly in the country in his job as prime minister. Moreover, his spokespersons add, he used an aircraft that was “particularly efficient in terms of carbon footprint, and one of the best in the world”.

“It appears that when the time comes for action to stop climate change, one rule applies to the Conservatives, and another to the rest of the planet,” Anneliese Dodds, the new leader of the Labor Party, quickly quipped. Point out that debate should be invited into upcoming parliamentary debates and that Glasgow COP26 certainly does not take place under better auspices.

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