Contrasting with its promises, Square Enix offers paid experience boosts in Marvel's Avengers

Contrasting with its promises, Square Enix offers paid experience boosts in Marvel’s Avengers

« We’re committed to real, purchasable content in Marvel’s Avengers as cosmetic add-ons only, which will keep the game fresh for years to come. » Is it written Black on White on the official blog of marvel avengers, in a post in August of last year. A commitment that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have reiterated over and over since the game was announced, as in an interview with Studio Director Scot Amos, by Our colleagues from The party concerned declared: In terms of monetization, we’ll have cosmetics. There will be no paid walls to play ».

What was the surprise of the owners of the game when they found out, in the online store, that it is now possible to purchase consumables to speed up the acquisition of experience points. And thus to spend money – real – to inflate his wallet of credits, for which these consumables called Hero Catalyst are exchanged. An item sold for 500 credits – which can also be earned hard-earned in the game – equals, for example, €4.49. Added Curiosity Tracking An adjustment in the experience points curve required to level up, contemporary with the game’s release on new generation consoles.

« Shame on Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. I’ve been a defender of this game as well. Now I uninstall it Can we read from a player on Reddit, where Rage is brewing among many users Since this unpleasant discovery. In the face of players’ indignation, will Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics hold back? The case must continue, it is said.

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