Contempt: No photo mode, age... Ebb Software gives new details |  Xbox One

Contempt: No photo mode, age… Ebb Software gives new details | Xbox One

In his remake Developer DiaryEbb Software tells us more about it mockeryhis upcoming game and Xbox console exclusive on October 21.

A rather short experience

Of all the information provided by the developers, age information should attract the most attention from players. So it will take between six and eight hours to overcome the proposed nightmarish world. It will depend on the skill of the players to progress through the puzzles to be solved through the different game levels.

When asked if the project could qualify as AAA, Ebb Software wants to be clear: It isn’t. The studio states that this is an independent game.

Although we started with just four people and with a very small budget, we have since evolved into what could be considered an AA project.

The game version will be accompanied by an art book and an OST

Available in digital at least on Steam and the Epic Games Store, the game’s art book and OST will also be produced in a physical copy. Ebb Software specifies that the physical version of the art book (192 pages) is currently in pre-order Amazon With delivery scheduled from December.

Regarding the OST, which we owe to Aethek and Lustmord, the studio is in the process of producing a vinyl version that will be primarily for those who have supported the game via a Kickstarter campaign. However, options to make vinyl more accessible are explored later.

The immersion will be present, but not the photo mode

Regarding the content, we also learn that no photo mode will be offered. But knowing full well that many gamers will want to capture the crosshairs during the adventure, it was determined that the HUD screen would be minimal. If it is designed with immersion in mind, it should make it easy for gamers to use the screenshot features.

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For more content and information about the game that will be released on October 21, 2022 on Xbox Series X | S and PC, the date is set in September after Gamescom. In the meantime, you can find an excerpt from the game’s OST to get an idea of ​​its musical atmosphere. The title will be available upon release on Xbox Game PassThe PC gaming arcade and the Xbox Cloud games.

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