Constance Show – Enconstance – Montauban Tour, Espace Culturel le Vo: tickets, reservations and dates

Constancy - Volatility - Round

Constance – Enconstance – Tour, show to see in Montauban (Espace Culturel le Vo)March 22, 2024. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this show can be found on this page. Book your ticket now for this show in Montauban!

Constance show in Montauban in 2024

Constance will be shown in Montauban on Friday, March 22, 2024 at 9 p.m. This show will take place in a well-known venue in the region: Espace Culturel le Vo – Montauban, a venue that regularly hosts shows such as the Constance Show.

There are other dates on the Constance Tour programme, discover all the Constance Show performances in 2024 on our dedicated page.

Ticket office for the Constance show in Montauban

Tickets for Constance’s upcoming show in Montauban are on sale through the online ticket office. Book your ticket now to experience this show on stage!

To purchase tickets

the Ticket prices for the Constance show in Montauban Starting from 20 euros. Different categories of seating may be sold, depending on its location in the room. Therefore, prices may vary from one category to another.

You can also book your tickets for Constance’s show in Nantes – Théâtre 100 Noms (44).

Constancy – Volatility – Round

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ConstancyContradiction “For a long time I thought I was invincible. Until I stumbled in my feelings and in my life. When everything around me, and inside me, imploded, I had to learn how to live again. Fortunately, my pen savior and my mischievous little soul never gave up on me.” Constance returns with the current One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which is funny and poignant. She plays the characters of crazy humanity brilliantly! Duration: 1 hour 10 Audiences: Recommended from 12 years of age Author: Constance and Pascal DeClermortier Director: Eric Chantelouz

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