Le premier ministre sortant Viktor Orban.

Conservative Marke Zee, candidate for a united opposition against Orbán in Hungary

Partial results show that Conservative Party’s Peter Markie Zay, 49, won Hungary’s opposition primary on Sunday and will face incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban in 2022.

Marky Zee, 49, a devout Catholic and father of seven, won about 58% of the vote, according to the Primary Elections Committee, while 60% of the vote has been counted. “We want a new, cleaner, more honest Hungary, not just to replace Urban”He said in a victory speech, referring to the sovereign in power since 2010.

He commended the unprecedented process of the preliminary stage, which made it possible to select candidates from all over the country, “Able to get rid of the most corrupt regime in the thousand-year history of Hungary” Legislature, scheduled for next April. Her opponent, centre-left pro-European lawyer Clara Dobrev, won 42% of the vote. I now support Markie ZShe said, and soon admitted her defeat.

The final results will be announced later this evening. The primaries were to nominate the candidate for the position of head of government, but also for the mandate in each constituency.

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