Imbroglio autour du visa d

Confused about Elijah Niko (Aurillac) visa: ‘It all depends on the goodwill of his country of origin’

Outside of Covid time, the French and New Zealand administrations do not actually issue visas such as throwing goodies on the roadsides of the Tour de France. Even less so, in the midst of a global pandemic, and as the tall, white-cloud country enforces some of the toughest restrictions on the planet.

If it finds a consistency, it can harm Stade Aurillacois

Negligence of the player in the origin of the complex

And these circumstances did not make it easier for three-quarters of Aurillac midfielder Elijah Nico, who is still unable to train and play on the field due to the lack of a valid visa. In question?: A neglect streak shown by the player prior to his arrival.

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“He had his English visa that had expired. He had to go through his formalities before July 1 to renew his visa for Europe, which he didn’t. After that he applied for a tourist visa.”

Christian Millet (President of Stade Aurillacois)

“This is negligence on his part,” asserts President Orillacua. Under these circumstances, if the former player at Pau, Albi and Bézier was indeed authorized to remain on French soil, it would have been impossible to work and thus play and train. This makes the contract null and void as long as the situation is not resolved with the competent authorities regarding immigration.

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An impossible settlement from French soil

So Stade Aurillacois tried to organize the player’s situation with the respective departments, which was not possible. The services involved are not known for their flexibility, after the first visa application was not submitted perfectly. According to confirmed sources, a request submitted by France was recently rejected.

The only solution?: For the player to go back to New Zealand to take the steps from A to Z and finally get the sesame that will open the situation. This is where things get complicated.

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New Zealand’s very narrow borders

Kiwi’s borders are particularly tight, even for New Zealand citizens, with mandatory quarantine in place and thus dedicated infrastructure to accommodate people in the territory. But in very limited numbers.

“There are waiting lists, some time ago, he was 14,000,” Christian Millett details. Today, the New Zealand authorities do not consider his case a priority.

At regular intervals, New Zealand opens quarantine places, informing its citizens 24 to 48 hours in advance, which has resulted in the player being put on the waiting list.

On paper, once he returns to his country of origin, Ilya Nikko must fulfill the visa requirements without worry, since he has a work contract waiting for him here, he speaks the language, and his very young daughter, French citizenship, is founded in France. You still have to be able to cross the planet.

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In Ireland we hope for a quicker return home

According to the president of Aurillac, who is monitoring the situation, the player was recently in Ireland, hoping to be able to get to his home country more simply from Dublin than from France. Aurillac is also waiting to see how the health situation develops in the southern hemisphere, which could ease travel restrictions.

But since the start of the pandemic, Auckland has put in place strict rules, assuming that not all of its citizens can get into the country as they please.

Stade Aurillacois wants to be able to rely on the center and is not currently considering finding a replacement. “We’ve been signed to it for three years, it’s a sign that we’re counting on it,” said President Christian Millett. Jean Paul Coda’s photo

Aurillac wants to be able to rely on him in the future

“For now, we’re on hold,” confirms Christian Millett, who remains hopeful to be able to count on the player he was originally set for three years.

Is three years an investment? Ie count on it. So far, there is no reason to decide to look for another alternative solution. There is no sports emergency. Today, the group is working sporty but I am convinced that it can bring us a lot. Fortunately, we are fortunate to have solutions. I’m thinking of Vaccaro who showed some fun things.”

This window is Tuesday, October 12th.

This Tuesday, October 12 at 9am (New Zealand time) about 2,900 places were scheduled to be made available in New Zealand’s quarantine areas for the November-December-January period.

If Elijah Niko can take advantage of one of them, the process of seeing him become a real Aurillac player could begin… after a mandatory 14-day quarantine. It will therefore be necessary to wait at least several weeks before seeing the position in an Aurillac jersey.

Jean Paul Koda

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