Concert for 50,000 people in New Zealand

Concert for 50,000 people in New Zealand

No, you are not dreaming! This photo above was taken on Saturday April 24th during the band’s concert Six60 in New Zealand.

In fact, the country has maintained very strict rules during the pandemic and can now see the end of the tunnel as the rest of the world is still trying to contain the disease.

So New Zealand no longer forces its citizens to wear masks and shy away from them. The Six60 had already played across the country in recent days, but this concert marked the end of the tour with 50,000 people attending. Largest capacity for a post-pandemic event.

The next day, their neighbors from Australia gathered in 78,113 people on the stadium for a football match and thus broke the record the day before.

“We know what it is like to be in confinement,” Six60 said before the concert. “It sucks. We didn’t even think we could play a concert someday,” singer Matteo Walters explains. “But we are very fortunate, for many reasons, here in New Zealand.”

“It was just crazy to see what people were doing. They were excited to be outside and watch a concert that takes them away from this long and brutal year,” adds guitarist J Fraser.

We have, The Federation of Wallonia Music Festivals – Brussels (FFMWB) accuses Codéco members (an advisory committee) of showing “Pitiful amateurs With regard to the receipt of the proposed project covering the entire event sector. Months after “You decide not to make a decision about anything“Any decision on the sector is postponed until May 11, so FFMWB will invite members of the festivals this Tuesday.”The political authorities should return to work to take decisions and viewpoints very quickly, especially before the date of May 11. “

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The world of culture has been severely affected by the health crisis, and demonstrations are taking place in several countries, Such an impressive gathering of more than 1,000 people from the strip in Rome In Piazza del Popolo.

in Belgium, The news of the summer festivals is unfortunately not the happiest As we know, Graspop has already announced to postpone the festival to next year with already Priest Judas And the Virgin iron Who have confirmed their presence and Werchter Festivals will not happen. Last week, it’s the festival Roots and rose Those who lost this year to return with a two-day edition in 2022.

However, it appears that a large portion of the English public are ready to celebrate again this summer. The UK government will make every effort to stabilize the situation on 21 June. The NME He also presented a new study that shows most festival-goers will feel safe in the summer. Reading & Leeds, TRNSMT, and All Points East are still on schedule, along with other events planned for the fall.

In Spain, it was there “There is no sign” of infection after the test party held on March 27th in Barcelona with 5,000 spectators in a masked dancer but without distance.

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