Comparative Duel: Google Pixel 6a vs Nothing Phone (1)

Comparative Duel: Google Pixel 6a vs Nothing Phone (1)

With its pixels, Google offers undisputed efficient photophones. That’s even truer with its newer models, even if Mountain View’s progress tends to shrink in the face of Chinese players who are investing heavily in the field. Thus, expectations for the Pixel 6a are high, but the American company revised the image component down compared to the Pixel 6. Thus, these are two 12.2 MP units (wide angle and ultra wide angle) present in the new model. mid range google. At Nothing, it’s also a duo of sensors that work, but with a 50MP definition. it is clear that hardware Don’t do everything and Google understands this very well.

In the daytime, the two smartphones are on the neck and neck. The Google model benefits from remarkable colorimetric accuracy and color fidelity, with slightly higher clarity than a phone (1). No model offers a slightly warm tone with a wide angle, which should attract more people. In the ultra-wide angle, software processing works wonders on the Pixel 6a which delivers a better view than the phone (1) – especially when exposed. But the sharpness is more or less equal, regardless of the model.

Night portrait at the wide angle is in favor of the Google smartphone, especially thanks to the more controlled exposure. A trend that reflects on the ultra-wide angle where “nothing” rises too high in sensitivity, unlike Google’s trend which is covered in digital noise.

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