Coming soon: a temporary green space in the Lucillene area

Coming soon: a temporary green space in the Lucillene area

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New green space It will see the light in the Lucillene district in Rouen, which is still under construction, and will be located around the main alley, Email Andre Putman. This space will only be temporary, so we met with the elected official in charge of this project, Valentin Ras Lambric, who is responsible for the western areas of the Right Bank, so he could tell us more.

A temporary green space will develop

The elected official announces this This green space was set up and we knew what we were going to put in its place.. This space will be located in the Fourth Valley, a green space designed for several uses such as reducing flood risk or providing accessible space for residents. It is expected to develop according to uses and “urban planning regulatory constraints.”

The elected official confirms: “Unlike the first two valleys, the fourth will be reached in the same way as the third valley that we accomplished.” As a reminder, this third space is equipped with a play area and is available to everyone. This was decided after a workshop in the neighborhood.

Simple layout

However, there is no playing area in this fourth valley, but there is talk of putting the ball in it Flower meadow Like Pasteur Street. The narrowness of the place and its development over time means that “we cannot build large facilities there that will be removed later.”

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Thus the space will be leveled so that it does not look like a construction site area. These few developments will be implemented after consultation and with the approval of the neighborhood residents.

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