Short Fuse: Comic Conference and Espace Thermography by Nelson Mandela, 3 September 2022, Inulin.

Short Fuse: Comic Conference and Thermal Drawing Saturday 3 September, 9:15 p.m. Espace Nelson Mandela

Comic conference and heat drawing

Espace Nelson Mandela Avenue de l’Europe, 59112 Annoeullin Annœullin 59112 North Hauts-de-France

Jean-Pascal Vermein is a researcher in pyrotechnics. He is assisted by Mr. Bogdaniev, a specialist in quantitative imaging. These two physicists with questionable skills are leading a conference for the first time on the topic: How do you control the fading of a firework? They draw on the relationship that exists between Art Tifice and Third Art, to introduce a revolutionary concept, allowing pyrotechnic creativity to be frozen in time. Only, things don’t go as planned. Despite the blunders, our friends will try to hold their conference.
Cie Le Vent du Riatt pursues with Mèche his desire to include fireworks in the writing of the local street theater: comic meets aesthetics here, through the principle of Peronist painting that allows the vivid appearance of real graphic works.

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2022-09-03 T21: 15:00 + 02:00
2022-09-03 T22:00:00 + 02:00