Comet Leonard's Activity Explosion

Comet Leonard’s Activity Explosion

As usual, comets are full of surprises and unpredictable. Comet Leonard is no exception. Here are the most beautiful photos of his last cramps, observed since December 20.

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[EN VIDÉO] Understanding Comet Leonard in a Minute
When Comet Leonard crosses the night sky at the end of 2021, it approaches the Sun as it passes through the near-Earth environment.

It’s never too late for Controller C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Nick name Comet Leonard, the brightest this year.

It passed near the Earth on December 12, and very close to Venus On the seventeenth, she now continues her journey towards Soleil Which rock bottom sound point orbiting closest to lobby Astral – It will be on January 3, 2022 (exactly one year after it was discovered).

Comet Leonard’s Activity Explosion

Over the past two days, observers around the world have reported a significant increase in brightnesslinked surprise Explosion of activity. It was easy to discern the star scattered around at twilight, not far from it Venus.

Comet Leonard was in the Solar Orbiter’s field of view. We see his hair developing over time as the shooting continues. In the distance, Mercury and Venus are connected from the point of view of the space probe. © ESA

Travel in the most severe areas solar systemIt’s normal for ice cream to leak in its wake Gas And dust is trapped there. Some blocks or slopes on the conglomerate core can suddenly collapse and cause a volcanic eruption that can be seen from the ground. Under the influence of temperature and solar windThe star can also be taken off.

The astrophotographers who, for some, have been following his wanderings across the earthly sky for months, have been a stunning sight, as evidenced by the photos they posted on Instagram. social networks. The comet has hair in the wind solar wind, thus the opposite of our star. In some pictures, he conjures a file Surprised mane Lion With long, undulating tentacles in space, a sign of recent turmoil.

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