Cogno.  Laughter Yoga with the Family in the Arc-en-Ciel Space

Cogno. Laughter Yoga with the Family in the Arc-en-Ciel Space

Among the many activities offered this summer at the Arc-en-Ciel space, the Family Laughter Yoga Workshop took place on July 13. Several mothers and siblings came to discover and participate in the session led by Natasha Le Querec. Some children are already smiling, others are more reserved: here, we respect each other’s pace and desires. Natasha, who was trained in this method, explains that it was developed by a doctor. She continued training and taught this specialty in the area. Doctor Madan Katari, GP in India, notes that his homosexual patients recover better than grieving patients. From there, studies, discussions between clinicians, and trials made it possible to formalize a concrete methodology. Natasha explains the four phases that organize these workshops: “We always start with a body warm-up and then move on to forced laughter, which initially surprises quickly and amplifies the phenomenon of group reactions. The spontaneous laughter of children is often communicative. As with yoga pranayama, The exercises include breathing. We end the sessions with relaxation and meditation and then always share how we feel. It takes an average of 10 sessions to completely give up laughter and restore laughter in his life The result, the easiest speech, the release of emotions and creativity, and all this happens without judgment: enough to achieve well-being and create A dynamic within the framework of “Family Practice.” Cecil Martin, teacher of young children and family guide for the municipality, emphasizes the interest of these exploratory workshops and states that the Arc-en-Ciel and Mosaic spaces will offer other sessions during the year.

Espace Mosaic: Tel. 05 61 76 84 99. Espace Arc en ciel: 05 62 87 30 11. For the formulas provided by Natacha le Querrec:

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