CM 2023 – New Zealand: A car gets in their way, the All Blacks… pick it up

CM 2023 – New Zealand: A car gets in their way, the All Blacks… pick it up

Aurelien Cano, Media365 Posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 1:03 pm.

This Tuesday, on its way to training, the New Zealand bus found itself pinned down by a badly parked car on the side of the road. This was not a problem for the All Blacks, who got off the bus and moved the car themselves after it had been lifted.

The Argentines have been warned. Nothing can currently resist the All Blacks’ passing on the field – just ask the Irish, who were knocked out of the World Cup by the New Zealanders in fourteen – but also off the field. The proof came on Tuesday on the way to the training of the semi-finalists when the bus of the triple world champions found itself blocked by a car, parked poorly on the side of the road. It is possible that other teams would have let the driver out of this situation, forcing him to perform a very complex maneuver to successfully continue on his way without causing damage. Some delegations, for their part, would have immediately contacted the municipal police to remove the car, knowing that there was also the option of waiting for the driver to return. The All Blacks preferred to solve the problem without relying on anyone. All the players, who had no time to waste and were in a hurry to start training, fell down without thinking.

As if they had just scored a try…

Since it was not an SUV, no matter how huge, which would have frightened Sam Kane and his colleagues, the blacks, as soon as they got off the bus, calmly lifted the car into the air before moving it enough centimeters so that their bus could pass without having to pass. To rub. All in good humour, plus perfect coordination, clapping and congratulating each other afterwards as they would have done after scoring a try. New Zealand later posted the footage on its official Twitter account, under the title “Teamwork on and off the field.” The video has certainly not escaped the attention of those Argentines who must not feel very comfortable in their trainers when they take on an impressive All Blacks side next Friday at the Stade de France. This scene, which was certainly unusual on Tuesday, should not diminish their concerns. Because wherever New Zealanders go, nothing beats it. Not even cars.

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