Close to Nanjes: library, workshops and games… We meet in a new social living space!

Close to Nanjes: library, workshops and games… We meet in a new social living space!

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“In 61 bis, the space of possibilities.” One of these conditions is that a village Pompon (Seine-et-Marne) officially opened Cultural and social spaceon April 27.

Located at 61 Bis, Grande Street, in the former building of the city's grocery store, the structure was born from a carefully considered project between elected officials and local associations.

“Two years ago, a group of elected officials got together to imagine what our old grocery store could become,” he recalls. Bernadette TillettThe municipal advisor responsible for the project. And that was the goal Create a welcoming and warm placeWhere residents can meet, exchange and unleash their desires and projects. »

A place for meetings and exchanges

After opening the bakery, grocery store and restaurant, the city acquired space that would contribute to… Develop social connections And the vitality of the village.

“Thanks to the volunteer work of many residents, we have made the area special Municipal library, who until then had been in confined spaces within the school and therefore subject to the Vigipirate plan, explains the elected official. Four associations offer different activities open to all generations. »

Among them are the rural center of Bombonne, the Amitiés Bombonnaises, who play cards there on Friday afternoons, the Parents' Association, which offers a toy library and board games in the afternoons, but also the auxiliary nursery schools P'tits Crocodiles, who come there twice a week.

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“Since opening New members She passed through the door of the municipal library and the residents of Pomponne were able to benefit from free treatments, rejoices Bernadette Tillet. Children and teens can also come and reflect and discuss during the philosophy workshops, and a singer and guitarist volunteer for the lessons every Monday evening! »

To learn programming 61 bis: 01 64 38 72 98

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