Clement Passager "disgusted" by his disqualification for the speed pistol at the Tokyo Olympics

Clement Passager “disgusted” by his disqualification for the speed pistol at the Tokyo Olympics

“This is not the result you came for… How do you feel?”
I’m disgusted. I came to win, but I shot poorly today (Monday). You did very well yesterday (Sunday 297/300)I had a few small points up front and it was good mentally. Or at least I thought so. It was very difficult to film the last series (45/50). In addition, I do not enter the final in the number of flies (22, versus 28 for the Chinese lei, the sixth and final qualifying). It gets hotter.

How do you explain that you shot less well today?
When it’s hot, I imagine the pressure that hit me during the match.

“The final escaped me once and will not escape me again”

How did you manage to wait between the first qualifying round yesterday and today?
you went. I deliberately didn’t take any naps until I was really tired in the evening. Honestly, I slept well. I thought I handled it well. Stress level and sleep level, I was fine. Once I got to the shooting range, it was a little more complicated. I expected it, I knew it. I make a few little mistakes that I’m proclaiming, and I know they’re not in them. I don’t feel lost when I see goals. But here it is. It is a sport.

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Were you able to extract any positivity from this first gaming experience despite this disappointment?
Hot, nothing positive. I came to win and I wasn’t even in the final, so no. It might be a bit chilly, with a clear head, but for now, it’s just a huge disappointment.

This failure should motivate you even more for the Paris Games in 2024…
Clear. I would be better in Paris. The final ran away from me once, and won’t evade me the second time. “

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