Classification ES8 Canary Islands Rally 2023

Classification ES8 Canary Islands Rally 2023

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After being defeated by Hayden Paddon last night in the last special, Yoann Bonato recovers and once again shows he’s the boss at the start of the race. NZ is now at 12s8
He is the only driver who keeps up with the French.

For third place, Efren Llarena disappointed again and was half a minute off the lead.

Author of the tenth time, Matteo Franceschi starts shyly but expects a better performance on the second lap.

Rider reactions

Suarez I pressed on, and we’ll see the other drivers who come after me, but I’m so happy.
campedili “Yes, now let’s see Bonato.”
forgiveness The feeling was a little better, a very fast stage, everything is fine, but you have to look at the time now.”
Franceschi “The feeling is not so bad but when you hit a stage where you have to pay attention to the notes and try to miss as few as possible.”
Larina We’ll do our best, that’s for sure. We’ll see the weather forecast! “
bonato I stayed put at the start before realizing I had forgotten the start button.”
a stick We were talking about popsicles yesterday, we got a real bag of popsicle mix with the tires today, but we’re focused on the next step. Obviously, the pilots predicted the weather.

next special : ES9- Moya? Vallesco 1 (27.74 km) from 11:37 AM (Saturday, May 6, 2023)

Classification SS8 / After SS8 (8.99 km)

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