Clash of the Giants between New Zealand and South Africa

Clash of the Giants between New Zealand and South Africa

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8:58 AM, October 27, 2023

After beating England on Saturday (15-16), South Africa joins New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup final. These two top nations in the southern hemisphere are competing for the trophy and the record for World Cup victories.

South Africa, the defending champion, will meet New Zealand in the final of the 2023 World Cup, in a confrontation between two teams that know each other well: “The past does not count,” confirmed Springboks assistant coach Dion Davids.

These are the two best countries in the southern hemisphere facing each other. In addition to the cup, the two teams are competing for the record for the number of victories in the World Cup. “It was a final that was not unexpected,” says Serge Blanco, Europe 1 Rugby Advisor. “It was natural to find these two great teams who have each won the World Championship three times.”

If the two teams have already met five times in the World Cup, the results are in favor of the Black team, which achieved three victories to two. However, the only final, in 1995, went to the Bucs. South Africa also won 35-7 over the New Zealanders last August, just before the World Cup.

South Africa’s squad having difficulty?

However, according to Serge Blanco, the South African team are not really the favorites: “I was going to say before the competition that they were the favorites against the England fifteen. This South Africa team could have lost. They will face a black team who will face a black team.” “It’s not a bad season at all.”

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Black people who are gaining power. They thrashed Argentina in the semi-finals 44-6 and will also benefit from an extra day of rest to prepare for this shock.

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