Christopher Priest, British science fiction master, has died

Christopher Priest, British science fiction master, has died

British writer Christopher Priest died on Friday, February 2, at the age of 80. He was suffering from cancer. It was his co-author, Nina Allan, who announced this to her Website. “My beloved Chris died this evening. He passed away peacefully and well cared for.”I wrote.

The epidemic and its future… as seen by the greatest science fiction authors

The science fiction author is primarily known for his 1974 work The Upside Down World, which won the British Science Fiction Award for Best Novel in the same year. His other notable works include “The Petrified Fountain” and “Separation.” Christopher Priest also wrote “The Prestige” in 1995, which tells the story of the conflict between two charlatans from the end of the nineteenth century. In 2006, the novel was adapted for cinema by Christopher Nolan.

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Realism and anticipation

Most recently, in July 2022, the science fiction author addressed global warming in his book Rendez-vous Tomorrow in which he skillfully blended realism and anticipation.

Science Fiction: “Religion, Mysticism,” at the Metz Festival in 1979

Christopher Priest's work is associated with the New Wave, a British literary movement consisting of books published between 1965 and 1980, which revolutionized science fiction. More literary and less scientific, this new science fiction is more creative, like the author.

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