Christophe Jourius is the new coach of Clermont Auvergne

Christophe Jourius is the new coach of Clermont Auvergne

When the ASM players return from South Africa and the European Cup game against the Stormers (game at 6:30pm on Saturday), they will have a new coach.

Clermont Rugby Club had been in contact with Christophe Jourius for several days and this was the most credible lead, As La Montagne revealed on Sunday, In the event of the departure of Jono Gibbs.

The fate of the coach was decided, today, Monday, and the exchanges with Christophe Yurius succeeded, in the evening, from Tuesday to Wednesday, according to what was announced. RMC Sports And the team.

ASM Clermont: Christophe Aureus succeeds Juno Gibbs

Monday, January 17, was formalized by President Jean-Michel Guillon. Three days after losing to Leicester at the Stade Michelin (29-44)the dismissal of Jono Gibbs (Clarmont forward coach from 2014 to 2017 and He returned to ASM as head coach in 2021 with a contract that will run through 2024).

Christophe Aureus (right) replaces Jono Gibbs (left) as Chief of Technical Staff at ASM. A situation that was not a clear topic, last August, when the two coaches met in Issoire, during a friendly meeting between ASM Clermont and Bordeaux Bègles. Photo by Francis Campagnoni.

The Asemist chiefs made the decision to part ways with the New Zealand technical “in the face of repeated difficulties in terms of playing and arranging the club in the 14th and Champions Cup positions.”

At first, Mario Ledesma was cleared to take over. But the former Pumas coach rejected the offer from Auvergne.

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‘The hardest decision of my career’: Jean-Michel Guillon explains why ASM split from Jono Gibbs

The other choice led to Christophe Aureus, the former coach of Bourgoin-Gallieu, Oyonax, Castres and Bordeaux.

French champions with Castries in 2018, Christophe Aureus (57) will lead Clermont’s Top 14 match against Lyon on Saturday January 28th.

Since his dismissal from UBB in November, the former hooker has been free from any contract and can therefore immediately commit to ASM.

Christophe Aureus must, at first, work with the guys on the coaching staff (who already had to deal with the resignation of Xavier Sadorny). But at the end of the season, his former assistants Julien Laerle and Frédéric Charrier no longer managed the affairs of the Bordeaux team. This could lead to further changes in the technical framework for ASGM.

Christophe Orius, rugby player and winemaker

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