Christmas holiday in the Cité de l’espace

Christmas holiday in the Cité de l’espace

How does the European Space Agency recruit astronauts?: A participatory workshop to understand the basic skills to become European astronauts

there Space city Presents a new, fun and participatory workshop “How does ESA recruit astronauts?” To make visitors understand which profiles European astronauts are selected for. Because in the hope of participating in future space missions towards the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon or even Mars, there are many essential skills: memory, logic, physical fitness, spatial orientation, cooperation, team spirit, self-mastery, and communication skills. …

40 minutes long, This animation invites the public to play the Astronaut Choices game By conducting experiments alone or within a team, with some tests and scenarios inspired by the real selection process. This animation was developed thanks to the help of astronauts and engineers from the European Space Agency and the French National Center for Space Studies Included in the admission ticket. Animation included in the admission ticket and which takes place during holidays and weekends. to Discover the workshop on video: here

“Moon Episode Two” : An immersive exhibition to understand current lunar exploration and the upcoming scientific challenges that must be met to achieve the return of astronauts to the Moon within a few years

With the exhibition “Moon Episode Two”Kids and adults discover the scientific challenges space agencies are currently working on: Astronauts return to the moon with the aim of staying there And carry out ambitious scientific explorations. The goal is to practice living off our planet before moving on later: to Mars. In this exhibition, visitors are immersed Immersed in a lunar village 100% To understand all the challenges scientists have to face to live on this star. Can we find resources there despite its obvious desolation? How can these precious resources (solar energy, dust, water) be managed? Are there effective ways to protect yourself from this hostile environment? How should you prepare yourself? How can we work, find housing, sleep, eat, communicate and live on the moon? What are the current projects and missions to return to the moon and its surface? The exhibition is included in the admission ticket. more information : here

Mars Terrain “Rovers are coming to the scene!” : Immersive animation of Mars exploration and Martian robots

At the heart of a Martian crater that can accommodate up to 250 visitors at a time, Mars exploration is organized by scientific facilitators from… Space city Through a daily 25-minute animated film that is as close as possible to the reality of current space exploration. In the form of a Martian crater with an area of ​​900 square metres, the soil and rocks of the Red Planet have been faithfully reproduced. The terrain of Mars, a new place for scientific mediation, Focuses on the most explored planet in the solar system: Mars and the robots that explore it.

Martian Terrain “The two rovers enter the scene!” It is designed for all audiences. In the heart of the central region of the Martian crater, Full-scale, fully automated replicas of Perseverance vehicles (NASA – United States) and Zorong (CNSA-China) – both of which are currently exploring Mars – are being activated by scientific leaders in Space city To show how these mobile robots move around the Red Planet and the tasks assigned to them. Animation included in admission ticket.

This equipment was designed and developed in collaboration with scientific experts from the French Space Agency (CNES) and the Research Institute for Astrophysics and Planetology IRAP, in order to reproduce the Martian landscape as best and realistically as possible (colors, textures, reliefs, etc.). .). more information : here

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