Christchurch Historic City Wizard Launched by City Council

Christchurch Historic City Wizard Launched by City Council

After more than thirty years of service, Ian Brackenberry Chanel, Christchurch magician (New Zealand) forced him
Town council to leave the office. At the age of eighty-eight, he was a city celebrity with his black clothes, long beard, shaggy hair and a hat pointed on his head.

This wizard was involved in all the fights, blame politics or leading a fight to prevent an “attack on the soul of the city” when the red phone booths had to be painted blue. Summoned to cast spells in order to influence the outcome of major rugby matches or to perform a rain dance in them Australia.

Promote a more dynamic and modern city

Lynn McClelland, a deputy at Town council from Christchurch. The Council is grateful to him for his precious and special contribution to the cultural life of our city, and he will forever be a part of our history. “

The assistant explained that Magic It no longer corresponds to the image the city intends to promote. The new programs “will increasingly reflect our diverse communities and showcase a vibrant, diverse and modern city,” said Lynn McClelland.

‘Unimaginative bureaucrats’

UK-born Ian Brackenberry is a former RAF pilot and a graduate of the University of Leeds with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. He arrived in Christchurch in 1974. When he began speaking out, the city council demanded his arrest.

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But he eventually became so popular that ten years later, when he threatened to leave after a spell failed, the city council asked him to stay. In 1990, Prime Minister Mike Moore officially called him “The Wizard of New Zealand”. Since 1998, a magician has been paid NZ$16,000 annually to perform his duties as a magician.

He did not hide his anger after the city council’s decision. “They are a bunch of bureaucrats with no imagination,” he said. “They are not thinking of ways to promote Christchurch abroad. They are not taking advantage of my global awareness.”

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