Chip shortage: Supply issues are leaving crunch racks bare

Chip shortage: Supply issues are leaving crunch racks bare

Supply problems have caused shortages of potato chips on some supermarket shelves. Photo / Jason Dorday

The supermarket potato chip aisle looks a bit sparse due to the supplier of some of the most popular snacks in the country having trouble with inventory.

Customers across the country, including Oakland and Wellington, have noted some of their favorite chip packs like ETA that make Uppercuts, Cheese Balls, Munchos, and Ripples.

But a Countdown spokesperson said there is no overall shortage of chips, just delays in getting stock from its ETA and Kettle supplier and its own branded products.

“There are still plenty of other brands of chips that our customers can choose from.”

The countdown expected inventory levels to resume to normal levels over the next few weeks.

The Foodstuffs – which owns New World and Pak n ‘Save – did not respond to questions about whether it was facing similar shortages of inventory, instead referring the Herald to suppliers.

ETA, which is owned by Griffins, said the popular New Zealand company Eta and Kettle Chip is experiencing some shortage of inventory due to the installation of the latest equipment at its Manukau site.

“This equipment represents a major investment in New Zealand manufacturing and will create higher chip quality once it is operational at full capacity.

“Stock levels are expected to improve over the coming weeks, so Kiwis can continue to enjoy all of their favorite Eta and Kettle Chip chips.”

New Zealand Potato Company spokeswoman Gemma Carroll said there are plenty of potatoes available.

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“The New Zealand potato industry is experiencing a good season in all growth regions and potato yields are good. There is no shortage of supplies from New Zealand farmers or New Zealand processors that we know.”

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