Chile elects the framers of the new constitution

Chile elects the framers of the new constitution

“I hope we have a constitution that embodies the spirit of our country,” said Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

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Great moment for democracy in Chile. Citizens of a countrySouth america Voting began on Saturday, May 15th, to appoint the framers of their new constitution, which aims to promote greater social justice and end the Pinochet era. About 14 million Chileans have been invited to the polls for the vote, which will continue on Sunday. They must choose 155 national teams from among 1,373 candidates on a rolling basis. Seventeen seats will also be reserved for ten indigenous peoples of Chile.

“I hope we have a constitution that captures the spirit of our country.”Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said after voting in the capital.

This constitution will replace the one drawn up in 1980 under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. “These elections will determine the constitution that will guide us for the next forty or fifty years.”Claudio Fuentes, a researcher at Diego Portales University’s School of Political Science, confirms. This ballot “Certainly” He believes it is the most important in 31 years of democracy. “New Chile is at stake.”

The rewriting of the constitution was one of the demands resulting from the largest social uprising in recent decades, which began in October 2019 to demand a more equal society. The change in the current Basic Law, which severely limits state action and promotes private activity in all sectors, including education, health and pensions, is seen as removing a major obstacle to deep social reforms in one of Latin America’s most prolific countries.

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According to opinion polls, more than 60% of Chileans believe that the current constitution has created a system that benefits a select few.

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