Children taught about science at the Vert d'Azur in Antibes

Children taught about science at the Vert d’Azur in Antibes

On the Vert d’Azur campus in Antibes, science workshops for children are held until Friday 5 November.

Awakening the young man to knowledge is one of his goalsEmancip’Action in Antibes. This association organizes, during the school holidays for Halloween, hands-on workshops with tangible experiences, such as creating an air pistol to understand the role of atmospheric pressure. Fun style that appeals to young people.

During these workshops held in Azure GreenChildren are pushed up by the elderly. For Philip Carenzo, director of the association, it is about honing the critical spirit of these young scientists in the pipeline. For him, the goal “At the same time to allow children to awaken to science, to discovery, to their curiosity. It is also to allow them little by little to think and gain a scientific approach to their thinking. That is, to allow them to find themselves in front of a problem, with the material, and we try to reach a conclusion by trying to have an approach where they can Everyone has, sometimes in groups, to bring different items.”

Amateur notice, this February holiday, Emancip’Action will once again offer a week of science activities and another dedicated to information, media and fake news.

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