Riparte la Coppa America e il tifo delle donne e degli uomini di Artemare

Cheering for Artemar in the next America’s Cup in 2024

Forty days after the protocol was signed and 5 teams registered, Artemar club chants resumed for the next America’s Cup in 2024, with the first visit of expert captain Stefano Morici to captain Daniele Busetto at the headquarters of the League. In Porto Santo Stefano, they are both top yacht and regatta enthusiasts and collectors in regattas. So the living room overlooking the Argentario Sea has reopened, for meetings and events for women and men who love the sea and sail and who dream of seeing Italy’s “old jug”, the world’s oldest sailing cup. Long life sports.

In Promontorio, America’s Cup characters at home, Maremma had three of her men in the last version, three “Navy Contradaioli”, from the Latin name Maremma, along with several other men in Luna Rosa Prada Pirelli’s Italian “Flying” boat team took part in a challenge The 36th edition of the Americas Cup presented by Prada, Maximiliano Maximiliano Valli of Popolonia Marco Capitani and Stefano de Piero of Porto Santo Stefano. But the Argentario and Maremma are often frequented by famous sailors and architects in its history such as German Freres, Dennis Conner, Doug Peterson, Olin Stevens and then Ernesto Bertarelli, the Swiss-Italian known to the general public for his victories with the team. Alinghi in the 2003 and 2007 editions of the America’s Cup, his deep connection to the sport appears to be due to his youth spent in Argentario and the name “Alinghi”, invented by Ernesto and his sister Donatella, also a sailor, during vacations in Promontory, a word during childhood incomprehensible to adults and Patrizio Bertelli , for more than twenty years with Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup, often in Porto Santo Stefano where his fleet of old boats was repaired, with some of them participating in promontory regattas and the last owner of the historic property of Cala di Forno in Ocillina Park. In Porto Ercole a few years ago, Luna Rossa’s patron, Max Serena, Turbine Grill, Eileen Percy, Francesco de Angelis, Matteo Blasi, Pietro de Ali, Michele Tognozzi, Francesco Marai, Giulito met on the first anniversary. Giovannila, Maxime Albrecht, Paolo Bassani, Andrea Casemiri and many other famous sailors remember Eduardo, a Porticoli sailor who died prematurely, a highly-rated driller who participated in several America’s Cup editions. Last but not least, it should be remembered at Maremna, the Punta Ala Yacht Club that holds the Louis Vuitton Trophy that Luna Rossa won in the 2000 edition of the America’s Cup with ITA 45 and ITA 48 boats.

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America’s Cup resumes and Artemar men and women cheer

America’s Cup 2024 already has five crews registered, one more partner partnership than last year in Auckland Bay, they actually launched the challenge to Team New Zealand, New Zealand with the Royal Yachting Squadron’s flag bearer on the trophy, as well as Ineos Britannia – Great Britain’s first Royal Yachting Squadron The competitors and therefore the registered Challenger, Alinghi Red Bull Racing – Switzerland Société Nautique de Genève, Luna Rossa – Italy Circolo della Vela Sicilia and American Magic – USA New York Yacht Club.

And since yesterday at the Artemare Club premises with a collection of works, half-hulls, models and books evoking the many editions of the America’s Cup, a picture of the history of Luna Rossa boats has been shown!

America's Cup resumes and Artemar men and women cheer

America’s Cup resumes and Artemar men and women cheer

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