ChatGPT in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook: Microsoft can’t wait any longer

ChatGPT in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook: Microsoft can’t wait any longer

Microsoft relies heavily on chat. After, after bingThe Tech giant intends to include this artificial intelligence in the Microsoft 365 office suite and in particular in Word, Outlook and Powerpoint.

Microsoft is playing a big role with ChatGPT

Concretely, the idea is to allow users to type certain pieces of text automatically. We think of automatic replies to emails, writing a paragraph on a cover letter, or ChatGPT recommendations for writing style.

However, this integration of AI is not without risk. Despite the brilliance of this technology, it is enough to test ChatGPT to understand that it is very good at writing texts with a commanding tone, while giving false information. This tool is currently not directly connected to the internet and therefore does not have access to the latest information and updates. This is a transformation that promises to be subtle, but if it succeeds, the power of this innovation will only increase tenfold.

ChatGPT should also be exemplary in terms of confidentiality and respect for privacy. While individuals and organizations may provide them with sensitive information, this is an issue that Microsoft and Teams take very seriously. from OpenAI.

According to our colleagues, there is currently no schedule for the introduction of ChatGPT on Microsoft office tools. It’s more accurate for the Bing search engine, which should add some AI functionality for free starting next March.

There is every reason to believe that we are currently witnessing a major breakthrough moment in the technological field with this language model capable of creating written content on its own. Its applications are possible in many fields, for better and sometimes for worse. For example, there is talk of using ChatGPT to combat social isolation, but it is also commonly used by hackers to write phishing emails.

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Google red alert

As we told you last month, ChatGPT’s success is alarming rival Google, which has announced Code Red internally. Mountain View is well aware of the danger and would like to offer an alternative of its own. The millions of people who have already experienced AI can become addicted very quickly, and if it improves further, they could decide to make it a kind of personal assistant, a function that would fit nicely beyond a simple search engine.

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