Chateaubriand: He started working at Espace Dauphins

Chateaubriand: He started working at Espace Dauphins

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It’s time for change. Work on the renovation of the Espace Dauphins swimming pool in Chateaubriand (Loire-Atlantique) began. “Due to the restoration work Espace Dauphins has been closed since Sunday 3 December 2023 », informs the Chateaubriand-Derval community of municipalities.

Espace Dauphins in Chateaubriand: approximately 12 million euros invested

the Construction site, estimated at 11.7 million euroswill make it possible to rehabilitate the swimming pool opened in 1969 and which today is located behind the Municipal Sports Center (CMS).

The small pool will be expanded

the The small pool area will be expanded On this occasion, “which will make it possible to receive more school children, as part of starting and learning to swim,” says Catherine Seron, vice president of the Chateaubriand-Derval municipal community.

As for the Olympic swimming pool, which is the only one in the West, it will be preserved “of course.” But no The construction site plans to completely revise the sump linerwhich will be covered with stainless steel.

A “greener” exterior.

The large building of 750 square meters will finally be completely renovated and brought up to standard. Finally, three rows of stands will be installed along the entire length of the large pool. Than Competitions will be allowed to be hosted.

He’s also outside the poolI am the outsider who will be redesignedBecause it will be more “vegetarian”.

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