Charles Tessery, from Playboy to Science

Charles Tessery, from Playboy to Science

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Did you know that by the magazine play boy That science entered Radio Canada thanks to Charles Tessier? He explains that when he started working as a journalist in the Radio-Canada newsroom, when he informed his referrer of his desire to cover a scientific topic, he replied that science, this is not news. However, read an article from the magazine play boy Charles Tessery came across an article about building a remote arm for a space shuttle, at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. This news finally got his team interested.

That’s how I started covering science more extensively. Never again has a scientific subject been rejected.

Charles Tessier
France Baudouin and Charles Tessier. Photo: Radio Canada

selective memory

Whenever Charles Tessery is preparing for a new program or to write a column on a science topic, he does so with passion. Focuses on the subject to the smallest detail in order to be able to simplify and generalize it, to make his words clear and attractive; But he admits that after a few weeks, he doesn’t think about it anymore.

What settles, what remains, [ce sont] The things that touched me, excited me, challenged me. We cannot remember everything, but the extraordinary thing is when a feeling or a smell brings us back to our memories, those seven years, buried in our distant nerves.

Charles Tessier
A montage of two photos: In 1958, host Michel Tessier smiles.  Sitting on the stairs is Pierre Tisserie with two of his children: Michel and Charles.
Michelle Tessier and Pierre Tessier with two of her children Photo: Radio-Canada/LE COZ, Andre

On the subject, he says that among his fond childhood memories is a special one with his mother, Michelle Tessery, who hosted a variety show on Radio Canada. Being very busy and less present at home, when she found herself with her children, she took her role as a mother by heart. Charles Tessery tells how, one day, while his mother was on vacation, he and his sister followed their mother into the woods, promising the latter to pick wildflowers to make a magic potion, like those from Tinker Bell.

Thus, he and his sister were sure, for a whole day, that the siblings could fly away at the end of the day, like the characters in the movie. Peter Pan. This memory is undoubtedly part of the selective memory of Charles Tessiri, for he still speaks of it today with great affection.

Learn to stand up for yourself

Charles Tessery also tells of the bullying he experienced when he was younger, when his mother did a popular variety show music hallwas watched at the time by the vast majority of Quebecers. Michel Tessiri could sometimes disturb the mores of the time with her novelty and manner of dressing. And so, at school, Charlie Tessier received threats, insults, and was beaten.

For 14-year-old Charles, who was so kind and peaceful, using fists to communicate was something unimaginable. However, when his father taught him to stand up for himself, the bullying stopped.

Ce soir was hosted by Charles Tessier in 1986.
Charles Tessy is hosting Tonight. Photo: Radio-Canada/Carsenty, Jean-Pierre

Theater dream

It’s undeniable, Charles Tessier is a great romantic and he would have liked to have been an actor…but his dad wouldn’t approve. His father considered that being an actor was not very interesting, because it is not the actor who makes the work, he just does theexplains.

It was hard when I had to make the decision my parents wanted me to make.

At twenty, Charles Tessier didn’t want to go to law school, but he admits that this training ultimately served him well in his career as a journalist. His father told him at the time that if he became a TV journalist, they would come looking for him later to offer him a role in a play.

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Will this dream come true? One thing is for sure, in the meantime, Charles Tessier will continue to captivate viewers with a variety of scientific topics and, in turn, to satisfy his insatiable curiosity.

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