Charles III makes the members of the Commonwealth want a republic

Charles III makes the members of the Commonwealth want a republic

If Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mourns the Queen as his Queen “The world’s favorite person”67% of Canadians did not support Charles’ succession to his mother, and more than three-quarters said they did not feel any connection to the British monarchy. Blair Gable/Reuters

Story – The coming of a sovereign may lead to the disintegration of the organization of fifty-six countries and 2.5 billion people.

Special Envoy to London

Ten months before he took the throne, Prince Charles He suffered the humiliation of having to attend the reduction ceremony before his eyes to the royal standard, when the Republic of Barbados was proclaimed on November 30, 2021, to the sound of a cannon and cheers. This Caribbean exclave of 290,000 people severed the last ties with its former colonizer to replace the distant queen as head of state. “The creation of this republic is a new beginning”, Pretend to agree to the heir to the throne.

Did this scene foreshadow a wave of new insults to his former sovereign’s crown? The “Family of Nations” From the Commonwealth, dear to Elizabeth II, she will be front row at her funeral in London on Monday. But the accession of King Charles III could precipitate the disintegration of this organization. Heir to the British Empire that covered a third of the planet’s surface at the coronation…

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