Charities in New Zealand

Charities in New Zealand

Today there are all kinds of 'charities', charitable organisations, in New Zealand: organizations specializing in health, human rights, protection of the most vulnerable or even in the environment and environmental protection. Working daily for their causes becomes even more important in difficult times. Le Petit Journal Auckland invites you to discover four of them, which are good for people and the planet.

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (MHF)

MHF It is a New Zealand charity founded in 1977 that seeks to improve and maintain the mental health of individuals to enable them to achieve their full potential. Through awareness and information campaigns or advocacy campaigns to influence policies, MHF It aims to support people with mental illness, in particular by telling them how and where to get help. The charity recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing anxiety and stress for many New Zealanders, Present on social networksoffers a new online resource to support people who need it, helping them take care of themselves and ensure their well-being.

Our Seas Our Future (OSOF)

OSOF It is an organization for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of New Zealand's coastal and marine ecosystems. OSOF It starts on the principle of that “The health of our seas is closely linked to our future.” Therefore, we must protect it, both for ourselves and for future generations. To do this, OSOF It works with the government to create biodiversity protection areas, but also with schools through environmental education and awareness projects, as well as with local communities through coastal clean-up events.

Everyone eats

everyone He eats is a New Zealand charity focusing on food waste, food poverty and social isolation. According to studies, nearly a third of the food produced in the world is not eaten… but rather ends up in landfills! Besides, many people still don't have enough to eat, even in New Zealand. The charity's response to these two problems: preparing meals from perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste; “Feed the bellies, not the boxes.” All while serving meals at friendly, welcoming shared tables to combat community fragmentation and social isolation.

The story of eating everyone from Everyone eats we Vimeo.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated New Zealand (SPCA)

there Sabka It is a charity that aims to protect animals in New Zealand, whether they are injured, sick, abused or abandoned. With 40 animal centers across the country, the Sabka It serves as a refuge for many homeless animals. because “All animal lives matter”there Sabka It also seeks to raise awareness and influence policies, especially regarding animal welfare to prevent cruelty towards animals.

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