Personaggi Soresinesi Cesare Pisoni e la Micronesia

Characters of Soresinesi Cesar Bisoni and Micronesia | Maria Madalena Fortina

In the Ethnographic Collections Register of the Natural History Museum of Milan we find the name of Cesar Bisoni as a donor of discoveries from Micronesia. These objects, along with the rest of the collections, were transferred in 1900 to the Castello Sforzesco Civic Museum. Unfortunately, they were destroyed, like most ethnographic groups, in the bombing of August 1943.

Cesar Pisoni (Soresina 1846-Milan 1924) was founded in 1881, with his brother Pietro (Soresina 1856? -Genova 1933), “Pisoni Brothers-Import-Export”, based in Sydney on Pitt 42 Street. The company exported to Australia with various Italian manufactures. , And raw materials imported to Italy, such as wool and animal hides.

The business extended to Tasmania and New Zealand, as well as South Australia. However, it cannot be ruled out that the cargo ships used by Pisoni made some calls in the Micronesia Islands, returning objects of ethnographic interest as well as goods.

The agent in Australia was his brother Pietro, while Cesar mainly handled the Milan office on Brera Inn. 9. Pietro may have been the collector of the Micronesian cultural pieces, to pass them on to his brother, an avid collector of artworks.


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