Chapecoense survived a bus accident, killing 20 people

Chapecoense survived a bus accident, killing 20 people

Updated March 3, 2021, 7:18 am.

  • A serious bus accident occurred in Bolivia.
  • At least 20 people were killed.
  • But there were also survivors – and among them was a man who survived the Chapecoense disaster in 2016: Erwin Tommery.

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A survivor of a plane crash of Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense escaped death a second time from the shovel. Irwin Tumiri survived a serious bus accident on Tuesday Bolivia With at least 20 dead and dozens injured, Bolivian media reported.

Five years earlier, Tommyre was one of only six survivors of a plane crash in Colombia in which large parts of Chapecoense’s crew were killed.

Tumiri after a misfortune: “I can’t believe it”

“I crawled outside and sat down and said (again – I don’t believe it),” Los Tempus newspaper quoted Tomeiri as saying. His sister Lucia told Al-Dabr that her brother was slightly injured while he was in hospital for treatment. According to reports, the Bolivian is regularly on the road between Santa Cruz in the southeastern lowlands and Cochabamba in the central highlands and was on his way to work when the bus fell 150 meters in Colome.

On November 28, 2016, Toumiri was part of a crew A plane with Chapecoense crew on board She crashed on the way to Medellin for the Copa Sudamericana first leg, the South American Cup, in Colombia. 71 people were killed in the accident, including nearly all of the players as well as the accompanying supervisors, coaches and journalists. (dpa / mbo)

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