Sebastian Kurz a récemment été critiqué pour ses velléités de contrôle des médias nationaux.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz targeted in corruption investigations

The prosecution said in a statement that “nine other suspects and three organizations” are involved in various corruption crimes related to this case.

On Wednesday, October 6, prosecutors said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, under investigation, is suspected of using government funds to secure favorable media coverage.

«Sebastian Kurz and nine other suspects, plus three organizations“It is under investigation for various corruption crimes related to this case,” the prosecution said in a statement after a series of searches.

Austrian media reported that the buildings of the Ministry of Finance are among the targeted places, as well as the chancellery. Between 2016 and 2018,”Ministry resources have been used to fund partially manipulated opinion polls that serve exclusively partisan political interest, estimated the prosecution.

At that time, Sebastian Kurz was not yet a chancellor, but was involved in the government. According to the prosecution, it was alleged that a media group “receive paymentsIn exchange for the publication of these popular polls. The company in question was widely identified in the Austrian media as the tabloid newspaper Österreich.

Sebastian Kurz is already under investigation for making false statements to a parliamentary committee on corruption, but no charges have been brought against him at this point.

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