Stade Marcel Deflandre à La Rochelle

Champions Cup: Blueson and Ritter are in La Rochelle group to face Leinster on Sunday

By hosting Leinster, European four-way champion this Sunday, Stade Rochelais offers himself a festive match, a prestigious poster. In a healthy context, the Maritimes would not be able to count on the presence of their audience, but that absence does not detract from the historical aspect of such a poster.

Stade Rochelais, First Show

The Champions Cup semi-final, the most prestigious European cup, is the first in their history. There were already the Challenge Cup semi-finals in the 2016-2017 season, the Champions Cup quarter-finals in 2017-2018 and the Challenge Cup final in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, but this time they crossed a path by entering them. The round of four in the Champions Cup.

The appetite comes with eating

Stade Rochelais is not satisfied with this last square and is looking for the title. Before him Leinster arrives with his certainty, experience and stature, but the Maritimes, during their recent outings, have proven that they can turn mountains. Led by rival Ronan O’Gara, Rochelais is hungry for the title and hides it even more. They approach the semi-finals as a step towards the title, not as a result.

23 well-known warriors

To open the doors to a historic final against the winner in a duel between the French who will oppose This Saturday Toulouse in the Bordeaux Beagle Federation, La Rochelle will have to show his best face against the Irishman who has just filed the scalp of the defending champion, Exeter, in the quarter-finals.

To win, the Rochelais crew is counting on stability. In the front row, no surprise at La Rochelle’s formation, with the presence of Reza Wardi and Oweni Atonio alongside prostitute Pierre Bourgaret. In the second row, Will Skelton will support Captain Roman Sazzi, who Leinster fears for his sporting performance. In the third streak, Victor Vito will play in the middle, with Gregory Alderrett and Wuyan Liebenberg on the wings, favoring the position over Kevin Gordon who will be seated on the bench. At the hinge, confidence is renewed in the New Zealand duo Taweira Kerr Barlow who will play Scrum and Ihaia West at the opening. The latter will be responsible for faltering during this meeting. On the wings, the reigns of Raymond Rowley and Dylan Leeds are unchanged. In the center, Livani Botia and Jeffrey Domero play in the center, while Bryce Doolin plays in the back. On the bench we find in particular Jules Plison and Arthur Ritter. Off the field for several weeks, the two players are returning to their best times, To start the final race of an exciting season.

Leinster without Sexton, his master at play

From Leinster’s side, it’s news of the week, Jonathan Sexton forfeits this meeting. After suffering a concussion during the quarter-finals in Exeter, the Irish international never recovered from that encounter. This A big blow to the Irish Deprived of a talented and experienced player. He was present during Leinster’s four European Cup titles (2009, 2011, 2012, 2018) and also won three of the six championships with the Irish Selection (2014, 2015, 2018) in which he participated in 99 international meetings. .

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