Certain gravitational conditions allow a wormhole to pass through

Certain gravitational conditions allow a wormhole to pass through

Science fiction often presents a wormhole as a shortcut through spacetime. It is a path that a spacecraft can take to rally two diametrically opposed regions of the universe. Since the distance from the starting point to the destination is usually calculated in astronomical units or light years, the journey can take centuries or even thousands of years by space travel as it is currently.

And so science fiction imagines that a wormhole would allow for this kind of flight at great speed. However, this abbreviation through space-time is far from reality: its existence remains hypothetical in astrophysics.

wormhole crossing problem

« Any traveler trying to walk through a wormhole will be crushed inside, when the tunnel collapses “,” He explained Joao Rosa, a theoretical physicist at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He’s looking into the feasibility of going through a wormhole. The researcher recently discovered that this may indeed be possible, but only by improving our understanding of gravity..

Gravity determines the relationship between matter and energy, but also between space and time, according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The development of a wormhole requires the formation of matter and energy to form a tunneling passage called the annular, connecting two distant points in space.

unstable lane

In principle, this groove can be as long or as short as needed. However, for the wormhole to be effective, the throat must be shorter than the normal distance between the two points. This type of lane not only serves to reduce the distance; It can also be a time tunnel, depending on its design style.

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Illustrative image. image credit: stock struggle / XIE CHENGXIN

Wormholes based on the standards of general relativity have a major problem: they cannot be traversed, as the entrance to the corridor is beyond the event horizon of the black hole. Note that this horizon corresponds to a one-way “barrier” in space.

This means that it is impossible to get out of it once the crossing has started. The other problem is clip instability: A single photon can cause the throat to collapse as well as the entire wormhole structure.

New gravity to stabilize the wormhole

To escape from general relativity and stabilize the wormhole, the passage must be designed with a somewhat peculiar element: it is a form of matter that has negative energy or mass. ” The presence of this substance is necessary because it prevents the throat spiral from collapsing Professor Rosa explains.

Since this issue remains hypothetical, constructing a wormhole from this concept seems impossible in our universe. Either way, an improved understanding of gravity could one day lead to impassable wormholes. The theoretical physicist then relied on an alternative theory called mHGG.

His work is detailed in an article published in July in the pre-publication journal arXiv. Suffice it to say that this is research that has not been validated by peers!

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