Cerny.  Double band at Espace Grün

Cerny. Double band at Espace Grün

Nice appetizers at the Cernay Municipal Music Concert, with Baron Zigeuner Johann Strauss Negl, in a beautiful dialogue between woodwinds and brass, with an elegant touch of solo flute. A stylized promenade interspersed with musicals was proposed by Jean-François Nose, a modern version of the operetta. Elizabeth And the cats And Starmania And chess On this elegance tour date, between Old Europe and New World dialects. From this crucible emerge nuggets, exquisite signatures from the composers who embarked on the adventure, the melodies often popularized by 7H art.

Round and pure sound

With alternating relaxed or energetic tempo, the conductor entrusts to his musicians those melodies that sound good to the audience’s ears. Guaranteed success, thanks to the nice balance of desks favoring the appearance of some outstanding soloists.

We were of course expecting Musikverein from Efringen-Kirchen. Udo Schmitz, the young conductor, who made it to the podium, heralded a new and joyful second part. He was. Musicians Across the Rhine, who are longtime friends and twins with Cernay, have composed a host of great pop titles. A mix by Frank Sinatra, another by Phil Collins, a tribute to John Miles with music his favorite song performed by a singer, all framed in stone the huge success of the group Earth Wind and Fire and bohemian rhapsody the queen. The very delicate and pure sound of the orchestra impressed the audience. O’Reilly, Carl and Eve, as comedians, brilliantly provide the interludes.

In the end, there were nearly a hundred musicians, crowding onto the big stage in Grün. Jean-François Nosse and Udo Schmitz succeeded each other in the conductor’s office, closing the evening with their apotheosis to thunderous applause.

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