Cerema publishes land consumption data for the period 2009-2023

Cerema publishes land consumption data for the period 2009-2023

Help with visualization: Dashboard

The Dashboard is an interactive tool that allows you to query space consumption data simply from a web browser. The goal is to enable all users to Navigate through the data produced Depending on its use, to provide images of the area.

Allows you to view Many indicators of space consumption According to the destination of the building (residential, activity, mixed, or infrastructure) Several regional scales. The user can in fact choose to view data relating to a municipality, inter-municipal structure, administration or region. Probably Select multiple regions at once (For example, we can reconfigure the SCoT perimeter by selecting several inter-municipal structures.)

Simply select the desired area using the drop-down menus.

Access the dashboard

there Interactive map Which makes it possible to visualize the evolution of the different parameters that influence artificiality as well as the evolution of space consumption. Since 2009 it has been revised to facilitate its use. It allows us to observe at the municipal level:

  • Space consumption
  • Space consumption for residential use
  • Space consumption for activity use
  • The rate of consumed area relative to the municipality’s surface area
  • Demographic variation
  • Home difference
  • Functional difference
  • Square meters consumed relative to the change in population
  • Development of households in relation to hectares consumed for housing
  • Families and jobs evolve together in relation to space consumption

Interactive map

Plus analytics: indicators for downloading

Cerema also produces analyzes of space consumption data, in its annual Determinants of Land Space report. This work allows data analyzes to be provided across multiple settings (SCoT, EPCI, municipal, etc.) and through their intersection with other dynamics (households, jobs, etc.).

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With a purpose To facilitate the customization of indicators produced in this framework, Cerema provides primary data at the municipal level, which made it possible to create the report. This data may be used freely by citing the source (Serema, Space Consumption Analysis Data for the Period 2009-2022).

Download indicators

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