Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf: The first vaccines began in the Porvil space

Luke Roy opened her first vaccination session Monday in Purville. (© Le Journal d’Elbeuf)

The first vaccination sessions against Covid began in the Bourvil space at 9 am on Monday May 31. Many elected officials wanted to welcome the first candidates for the first or second injection. The mayor immediately identified that “there were 649 meetings with the program on Monday, with the aim of soon reaching 730 meetings a day and this until the end of December.” Thus, the Bourvil space replaces the two pollination centers in Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf (Village Hall and CHI des Feugrais).

New location for more meetings

Sylvian Roy and her husband Locke, accompanied by brother-in-law Patrick, were able to organize their meeting this morning and were the first to go to the reception and then to the vaccination booth: “It’s comfortable,” he said sixty years ago – old. After months of waiting for the family to reach the first injection, knowing that I have just been told that the second will take place on July 12.

During these sessions, the Bourvil space was not fully devoted to vaccinations as the back is still intended for the cultural sector.

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