Catholic bishops will pay reparations

Catholic bishops will pay reparations

After the apology, it’s time for the fixes. Canada’s Catholic bishops pledged, Monday, September 27, to pay C$30 million (€20.3 million) to support initiatives for Indigenous boarding school survivors. This money will be released over five years to To remedy the suffering caused by boarding schools in CanadaAnd The bishops explained in a press release. last week, They have given “official apologies” For this dark period in Canadian history.

Over the decades, about 150,000 Native American, Métis, and Inuit children were forcibly placed in 139 such boarding schools across the country, cut off from their families, language, and culture. Many of them were abused and sexually assaulted…More than 4,000 of them died, most of them from tuberculosis, according to the commission of inquiry that concluded there was a real truth. “Cultural genocide”.

“historic shock”

This is the discovery More than a thousand graves It is located near the former boarding schools run by the Catholic Church in recent months that have reappeared on this page of Canadian history. The country found itself forced to confront its policy of forced assimilation towards indigenous peoples.

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Through this compensation, the Canadian Catholic Church intends to Support programs and projects to improve life Mr. said survivors are boarding schools and their Raymond Poisson, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Once again, in the press release published on Monday, the bishops acknowledge the existence of a “Historic shock and still exists because of the boarding school system”.

On Friday, they expressed ‘deep regret’ and gave Their ‘unequivocal apologies’ to the indigenous peoples after the discovery, over the past few months, More than a thousand graves Close to the former boarding schools run by the Catholic Church.

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In the country marked by these revelations, Many voices rose during the summer to demand an apology from the Church, and even from the Pope himself.

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